There’s no doubt that North Carolina loves comedy, but who is the most popular comedian around here?

Thanks to our friends at Shane Co., we have a good idea of who North Carolinians like the most – Kevin Hart.

Shane Co. analyzed Google Trends data for 64 of the most popular comedians out there, and found that Hart was the most popular in five different states, including ours.

“Kevin Hart comes in as the second-most popular stand-up comedian in the country, being the most searched in five states,” the study said, “which makes sense when you consider he has two of the five highest-grossing stand-up comedy specials ever.”

Eddie Murphy was the most popular overall, with six states having the legend on top of their searches. Jim Carrey and Norm Macdonald were both tops in four different states.

When you break things down to the four main regions of the country, Eddie Murphy shows his dominance in the South.

“When we zoom in and take a closer look at regional trends, there are some interesting things to note. For example, Eddie Murphy’s dominance on our map of the most popular stand-up comedians is thanks entirely to the South, as he is most frequently searched in Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia (as well as Maryland). Norm Macdonald, known for his deadpan delivery, is the most popular stand-up comedian in the Midwest, propelled by being the most searched in Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota.”

Let’s take a closer look at who the most popular comedian is in North Carolina, and around the country.

  • Most Searched Comedian

    most searched comedian overall

    Image Courtesy Shane Co.

  • Breakdown By State

    Most popular by state comedian

  • Most Popular by Region

    most popular comedian by region

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