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Must Haves

Must Haves

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One of the most widely popular and longest-running shows on TV. Now, in its 18th season, it happens to be one of my all-time favorites. I just recently started watching it over again with my daughter and it is bringing back so many memories! And now, I have her obsessed! We picked out some of our favorite and coolest Must Have Grey’s items for every Grey’s fan!

  • 1. Trust Me I'm Basically a Surgeon - Mug

    Trust me, I’m a true Greys fan. You need this mug to prove to your friends and family that 18 seasons was worth it, cause now you’re a true surgeon. At least in your dreams. Black and red script on a white mug gives any drinker a laugh while reminding you how much your life has been taken over by Greys Anatomy…and how much you love it. 

  • 2. You're My Person - Necklace

    The bond between Meredith and Cristina was undeniable! This necklace is the perfect way to show your love to your best friend or, as Grey’s folk would say, your person. This beautiful blend of silver and gold is joined by a simple silver chain and a card that reads, “You’re the Meredith to my Cristina,” This would be an ideal gift for the one person who is there for you no matter what, even if it was to bury a body.  

  • 3. McDreamy - Scented Candle

    Despite a fantasy of a deep cologne, whiskey, and surgical soap, none of us really know what McDreamy smells like except for Meredith Grey and maybe a few other cast members lucky enough to have known him. Burn this candle down to give yourself a tangible experience of what your own McDreamy might smell like. The hues of vanilla and musk give a relaxing vibe as you binge watch the series again. 

  • 4. You're My Person - Wine and Mug Set

    Start the day with your caffeine fix and unwind the day with a glass of wine with this enchanting coffee mug and wine glass bundle. Perfect for a gift for your person or to give to yourself to enjoy your favorite show and your favorite beverages.  

  • 5. Grey's Icon T-Shirt

    This busy design pays reference to many iconic Grey’s moments throughout the show’s run. Each time you wear it you are bound to notice something new. This custom color, unisex fit may run a bit larger than expected but is machine washable to help keep all the details looking fresh and fun as ever. 

  • 6. Greys Crocs Charms

    Walk around like a true medical professional rocking your crocs, donned with these adorable Grey’s charms. Choose from the MerDer design or the You’re my Person design or pick both to go all out because of their super affordable pricing. 

  • 7. Please Do Not Disturb, Greys is On Socks

    Novelty socks are so fun because you get to be a nerd while staying warm. Soft, plush and with a variety of options to choose from, these socks are a great gift for your bestie, yourself, or both of you. Affordable and machine washable makes this deal an absolute dream. 

  • 8. Rise Again - Grey's Anatomy Wall Art

    Use this black and white artwork to decorate any space with a spark of inspiration. Elegant with black font on white background that gives a strickling finish and has the words truly make an impact on any readerPurchase on its own or choose a black frame to finish the look. 

  • 9. Yang’s

    Another reference that only die-hard Grey’s fans will recognize. This woman powered quote is the perfect tank to put on a killer playlist and dance it out for exercise or just for fun. This tank is true to size and available in navy, pink, black and white for custom hand printing. Your look will instantly be enhanced with this self-confidence lifting quote.  

  • 10. Grey's Anatomy Hand Embroidered Tote Bag

    This hand embroidered canvas bag is the best way to carry around all your other super awesome Grey’s Must Haves. Or to use more practically for school or work. Thblack stitching on the tan fabric gives a super vibrant look and the red heart completes the picture and all the feels. 

  • 11. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Hoodie

    Surrounding one of the saddest, most loved moments of the showthis comforting hoodie pays respect to Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan following the plane crash that killed Lexie and caused Mark’s death later due to his severe injuries. The surviving flight passengers won a sizable settlement for their pain, suffering and loss. Dubbed the Grey Sloan 7, Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Callie, and Christina, along with Richard and Jackson, purchased Settle Grace Mercy West hospital and voted to rename it to Grey-Sloan Memorial, in Lexie and Mark’s honor. This simple and design will have any true Grey’s fan asking you where they can purchase their own! 

  • 12. Greys Anatomy Book Stack

    Farmhouse décor with Greys Anatomy memorabilia is an adorable gift for anyone who loves Grey’s but wants to keep their décor theme solid. Use as a standalone decoration or a bookend to show off your love of the 18-year commitment this show has given you. 

  • 13. Greys Anatomy Guess Who Game

    I know I would kill at this game and any long time Grey’s fan would too. This vintage processofelimination game is played by asking questions about chosen character’s background to easily cross off who it is not. This would be as easy for me to get rid of characters as the show does, often quickly and without much warning. Play multiple rounds with characters all the way from Meredith back down to Burke. Custom built to include your favorite characters and to play many rounds with all your other Grey’s Anatomy obsessed friends.  

  • 14. Greys Anatomy Sparkly Tumbler - Hot or Cold

    These tumblers are the best addition to a Greys Anatomy binge night.Choose from one of the many iconic Grey’s favorite sayings like, “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me,” “It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives” and “Kinda Yang, Kinda Grey.” Snuggle up with some hot chocolate, or for those of-age viewers, a frozen margarita. These temperature-controlled cups will keep either option fresh for hours.  Each comes in a variety of assorted sizes and are handmade to order. 

  • 15. Cards Game Against Grey's Anatomy - A Cards Against Humanity Game

    You’ve probably played the game “Cards Against Humanity Before”. You get to match up phrases to make out funny (sometimes dirty) phrases and the best one gets voted the winner. This version puts a Grey’s twist on it and true fans will be doubled over in laughter for all these amazing combo options! 

  • 16. Grey’s Anatomy Shot Glass Gift Set

    This gift set is perfect for your party friend…or to get your tequila shots going! Included are 3 shot glasses that adorn one of the all-time memorable quotes on Greys…Pick Me, Choose Me, Love MeThese iconic words were when Meredith was begging Derek to sign his divorce papers and choose her over AddisonThis shot glass gift set also comes with 13 stickers and two key chains, as an added bonus. 

  • 17. Greys Character T-Shirt

    Everyone has their favorite character on Greys, but it would not truly be Grey’s Anatomy without every character on the show over the years. Iconic relationships, shocking fightsbreakups, makeups, and of course surgical genius, all stemmed from the team of these extraordinary characters. This graphic-t includes a major portion of the show’s characters and looks cute with jeans for a night out or works for a casual night in and runs true to size. 

  • 18. The “Secret” McDreamy Pillow Of Your Dreams

    And last but NOT least, your very own “secret” mcdreamy pillow to cuddle up with on cold nights. This hidden design looks like any other pillow until the sequin magic reveals one of Grey’s most iconic characters himself, Derek Shepherd 

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