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Halloween is just over a month away! This means it’s officially time to start finding your kids’ Halloween costumes. We’ve put together a list of fun and popular kids Halloween costumes for everyone from infants to toddlers to kids and tweens.

  • The Child – The Mandalorian

    Let’s kick this list off with a show that parents and kids will know alike. Baby Yoda took the world by storm just over two years ago now, and this costume is still just as popular. Your child can go as The Child this Halloween. 

  • The Mandalorian Suit

    Or perhaps they’d enjoy going as the Mandalorian himself? The costume comes with a jumpsuit and an attached bandolier, boot tops, cape, belt, and a mask. 

  • Luca - Luca

    When it comes to popular children’s movies from the past year, Disney’s Luca is easily at the top of this list. This Luca costume comes with a jumpsuit and mask. 

  • Alberto – Luca

    Maybe your child wants to go as Alberto instead! This Alberto costume is just like the Luca one, so you’ll be getting a jumpsuit and a mask as well. 

  • Infant – Baby Narwhal

    Have a newborn and looking for something really fun and unique? What could be more unique than a baby narwhal? This adorable Baby Narwhal is a full hooded suit with a tail in the back and tiny openings for the hands. This way your baby can still hold on to any pacifiers or teething rings. 

  • Wonder Woman 1984 Edition

    Is your child looking to be a superhero this Halloween? There are few that are better than Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman fights for truth, justice, and love, all while looking like a tough, beautiful hero. 

  • Poppy – Trolls World Tour

    If you have a child, I’m sure you’ve watched Trolls at least once over the past couple of years. Trolls World Tour came out last March, but the costumes are still popular. Your child can go as Poppy with the sparkly dress, leggings, and the pink wig! 

  • Chase – Paw Patrol

    I’m a sucker for the Paw Patrol! One of my favorite things about Halloween is that they also cater to children who might need adaptive costumes such as something that would fit with a wheelchair or crutches. This Chase costume is super cute, and can also be found in the adaptative costume section of the website. 

  • Skye – Paw Patrol

    And what’s Chase without Skye? If your child is looking to go as Skye for Halloween look no further. This costume comes with a dress, a backpack with wings, a headband, and arm warmers. 

  • Cruella

    Ah, Cruella. The movie that took Disney by storm this past summer. This is a fun, villainous costume that is perfect for your child. Wig for this costume is sold separately. 

  • Dalmatian

    Looking to do a group costume for your kids? Here’s an adorable toddler dalmatian costume. This costume comes with a suit and a pair of botties. Don’t forget to grab a pair of leggings for them to stay a little bit warmer at night! 

  • Original Cruella Costume

    If we’re going to talk Cruella, we have to make sure we mention the OG. This is the original Cruella De Vil Costume. It comes with a jacket, dress, and red gloves.  

  • Infant The Count Sesame Street

    These baby costumes are just so cute sometimes. If you’re looking for something fun and recognizable for your child, this Count from Sesame Street costume is perfect for you.

  • Yoshi Costume

    Do your kids love Super Mario Brothers? Here’s a fun Yoshi costume for them! This one is a toddler size, but they are available in kids sizes too. 

  • Princess Peach

    Speaking of Super Mario, we can’t forget Princess Peach. This Princess Peach costume comes with a dress, a petticoat, and a headband. 

  • Infant Olaf

    As an adult who absolutely loves Disney movies, I’m still watching Frozen on a semi-regular basis. And I know many kids are too! This Olaf costume for babies is so stinky cute too. I had to make sure it was included. 

  • Elsa – Frozen 2

    And of course, we can’t forget the Ice Queen herself. This Elsa dress is from Disney’s Frozen 2. This dress was Elsa’s main dress for the first part of the movie. You can find her transformation dress on Halloween as well. 

  • Anna – Frozen 2

    We also love this Anna dress. This is Anna’s traveling dress from Frozen 2 and it’s the perfect Halloween costume because it has the perfect fall vibes! The beautiful jewel-tone colors are great for the fall weather. 

  • Black Widow

    Another superhero lady who made big waves this summer was Black Widow. This Black Widow costume comes with a jumpsuit, a pair of wrist cuffs, and a belt. 

  • Ghostbusters

    The new Ghostbusters movie may have gotten pushed back a bit, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a classic costume. You kid can go as one of the Ghostbusters with this jumpsuit and proton backpack with the wand. They’ll be making sure no one is afraid of any ghosts this Halloween! 

  • Hogwarts Student

    Since its theatrical debut, Harry Potter costumes have been on the most popular kids Halloween costumes lists. This year is no exception. This Hogwarts student costume is inspired by Hermonie’s robes. The wand is sold separately. 

  • Baby UPS Costume

    I love unique costumes. Especially when it comes to babies. This UPS costume is just so funny and cute, I had to include it.  

  • Mulan

    Another amazing Disney movie that came out this year was the Live-Action Mulan. This costume is inspired by the updated movie and can have your child feeling like the savior of China too. 

  • Mal – Descendants 3

    Now it wouldn’t be a list of popular kids Halloween costumes if I didn’t include something from the Descendents franchise. This is Mal’s costume from Descendants 3. It comes with a jumpsuit, gloves, and a vest. The wig is sold separately. 

  • Evie – Descendants 3

    Evie is also another popular Descendants character, but let’s be honest I’m going to give you almost all of them. Evie’s costume comes with a jumpsuit, removable skirt, and glovelettes. 

  • Uma – Descendants 3

    Uma’s costume is just as fun! The sea queen’s daughter’s costume also comes with a jumpsuit, jacket, and a pair of fingerless gloves. The wig is sold separately. 

  • Bonus: Rockford Peach – A League of Their Own

    For a bonus costume, I had to pick one that might not be a traditional popular outfit, but one that many adults will instantly love. A League of Their Own had a lot of amazing moments such as Tom Hanks uttering the “There’s no crying in baseball,” line. Now your kid (or even you because yes they have adult sizes too) can go as a Rockford Peach! 

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