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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Thanksgiving isn’t only for the family, which is why many friend groups now celebrate “Friendsgiving” where they get together and have a meal together. And when dinner is done and the dishes are put away that’s when the fun begins. My friends and I love to play games and we usually stick to the games that are a bit more adult. So buckle up folks we’ve got a few adult party games that are gonna make you and your friends laugh really hard.

  • Incohearent

    Incohearent is one of those games that is perfect for when you’ve had a couple of drinks and you’re ready to do some misheard words. This card game makes you, the cardholder, read a list of words that sound like gibberish and then the players, your friends, have to guess what the phrase you’re actually trying to say is. This one is a fan favorite in my friend group. 

  • Buzzed Blocks

    This is essentially Jenga with drinking! Like Jenga, the goal is obviously to pull a block out of the tower without knocking it over. But in this game, each block you pull has a prompt from taking a shot to making confessions. And if you knock the tower over it’s your turn to chug your drink. 

  • Off Topic: Ladies Night Edition

    If you like fast-paced and fun games this one is for you. Off Topic is a game where you pick a card to get a topic and then roll a 20 sided dice to set the letter your responses begin with. Then you flip the sand time and begin writing down as many answers for each topic. With the ladies’ night edition, you’re guaranteed to find some fun topics. 

  • Family Feud Late Night Edition

    Don’t lie, you totally yell answers out at the TV when you watch Family Feud. Well, now you can “live” the Family Feud experience. This card game is similar to the Family Feud you know well, but with one difference; you actually can say all the funny, lewd things that contestants on the show say that end up as a YouTube compilation clip! 

  • Telestrations: After Dark

    If you’ve never played Telestrations you are missing out! Telestrations is what it sounds like; the game Telephone mixed with drawings. This game is hilarious! Play this with a big group of people (a few who are horrible at drawing always help too). The game is played by the first player drawing the topic on the card, the next player then writes down their guess as to what the drawing is and the cycle repeats itself until it gets to the end of the line. Then you get to see how far off everyone was.  

  • What Do You Meme TikTok Edition

    Here’s another fun edition on a fan favorite. What Do You Meme is a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity where one card is the card you use to create a funny scenario. The best part with What Do You Meme is that you get to use popular Meme images with funny sayings as the match that you the player plays. The TikTok edition is sure to bring some seriously funny conversations into the mix. 

  • Cards Against Humanity: Nasty Bundle Expansion Packs

    Finally, as I’m sure you’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, I figured I’d give you something a little bit different. The expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity are some of the best cards in the whole game and if you don’t mind funny and lewd cards these Nasty Bundles are sure to make a splash. 

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