Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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It’s officially Back-To-School season for college students. And it feels like every year that we go back to school you need to upgrade the décor in your dorm or apartment. So, whether you’re a new student or return we’ve put together a list of cool items to help you deck out your dorm and apartment this school year. 

  • Monopoly Rent Due Sign

    Who doesn’t love a cool poster for their wall? And in addition, we all know that room & board and apartment rent can be incredibly annoying. That’s why we love this Monopoly Rent Due poster from IKONICK. It’s a subtle reminder to yourself that you’ll have to pay rent soon, plus it’s just really cool looking.

  • Retro Coffee Sign

    I drank so much coffee in college I’m surprised I didn’t turn into coffee grounds by Senior year. That being said, for all you college coffee connoisseurs out there this is a fun find. This coffee sign has the basic make-up of various coffee drinks, which is actually kind of awesome if you ever feel like making one from home. 

  • Picture String Lights

    Every college girl knows that going away to school means you have to leave behind old high school friends. And we all love bringing pictures with us. So, straight off of your Dorm Room Pinterest boards, we’ve found these super cute string lights with clips to hold your photos. Just think of all the aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos you’ll take with this in the background! 

  • Bed Shelfie

    This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I wish I had known about the Shelfie in college because my desk was never close enough to my bed for me to put things on this. The Shelfie is basically like a small nightstand, but instead of being next to your bed, it’s clipped onto it. Throw your AirPods, cell phones, pencils, etc. While you’re in bed and never again have to deal with looking haphazardly around your pile of blankets for your things again. 

  • Day Drinking Candle

    Day Drinking Candle

    College and drinking go hand in hand for the most partSo we figured we’d throw this funny candle into our apartment and dorm décor list. The candle reads “Smells like Saturday. And Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and you get the drill.” 

  • 56

    When it comes to furniture, I can’t stress it enough that measuring things is key! Your dorm or apartment should have spec available for you. But if you’re like me and you decided to buy a big TV for your dorm or apartment, you’re going to need somewhere to put it. We love this media unit because not only is it wide enough for most TVs, but it also has storage space, which is so important in college. If you’re bringing up an XBOX or PlayStation this has convenient spots for it. And hey who knows, maybe you even have a DVD player and collection you’re bringing up with you. They can all fit right in there.

  • Urbane 23

    You need seating. Plastic chairs will not cut it. Don’t sell yourself short and buy lawn chairs, buy something that’s going to last because the secret about life after college is that you will still need furnitureSo, we made sure to include this really nice fabric chairIt’s already slightly reclined so you can lounge in it after a long day of classes, and perfect for chilling at home. 

  • Futon with Cupholders

    You should also consider a futon. A futon can be a literal lifesaver. These are great for dorm rooms because they provide extra seating, but also extra sleeping arrangements should you have guests visit. We love this one because it also has cupholders which sound like the perfect combination of things we need in our dorm rooms.  

  • FERA Coffee Table

    Don’t forget the coffee table. You will be surprised at how much you use a coffee table in college. It’s great for eating your take-out on, setting your remotes down, an extra spot for your books. Just overall, a coffee table is something you may think you don’t have the space for, but you should definitely make room for. This one is great because it’s not super big (35.5 inches wide, 17.7 inches tall) and has a small shelf for placing other things.

  • Plant Pillow Covers

    Some other fun and simple dorm décor are cute pillow covers like these. Pillow covers are great because you don’t have to commit to one design the whole year. These plant ones are cute and great for those of us who are super into raising plant life.

  • Blue Chinese Art Style Pillow Covers

    I honestly just love these covers because I love the blue color and the designs are so artistic. This is another great set that can easily be added to the cart and swapped out halfway through the year for something else. 

  • Fashion Animal Pillow Covers

    I had to add one more cover set in here because I wanted to give you options! This one is fun because we love all the animals, but also, they’re very colorful against the black and would fit well into many dorm rooms or apartments.

  • “Cheers” Beer LED Neon Sign

    They say if you don’t go big you might as well just go home, and when it comes to apartment and dorm décor, I knew I had to go big. We love a neon sign moment. So, when we saw this “Cheers” beer sign I knew this was going into the college list. Let’s face it, you’ll be saying it’s five o’clock somewhere a lot in college.

  • Flamingo, Palm Tree, Cactus LED Neon Sign Light

    If something big like that isn’t your style and you want small signs, these cute flamingo, palm tree, and cactus LED neon signs are also great and can be strategically placed around your dorm from for additional light and décor. 

  • Beer Pong Student Athlete Flag

    And finally, who doesn’t want to show off their beer pong prowess? This Beer Pong Student Athlete flag fits well in most college dorm rooms because let’s be honest, you’re going to have a flag up in your room at least once during your college career.

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