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Must Haves

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Six singles, living in New York during the 90s. FRIENDS was easily one of the best sitcoms of the 90s that has stood the test of time. Every year, more and more people watch this iconic show and can still relate to many of the struggles between the gang. The show had some of the funniest moments of all time on it. And we couldn’t think of a better way to recognize those moments than to find you some shirts inspired by them. Here are some of the best FRIENDS t-shirts you will just want to buy immediately.

  • 1) Ichiban Lipstick For Men


    Joey was always finding some of the weird roles on the show. But the time he was going to be doing a commercial for Ichiban- Lipstick for Men was just so funny and weird.

  • 2) Chandler Victory Dance Tee


    I can’t explain why this is one of my favorite moments other than to say that Chandler in this moment is just hilarious. This is right when Monica and Chandler are dating in secret and she tells Rachel that her “secret boyfriend” is the best sex she’s ever had. And that’s how we get the victory dance.

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  • 3) Smelly Cat


    Name a more iconic song of Pheobe’s? This one is still so funny, especially when the song was eventually produced and it had a whole music video behind it. Such a hilarious moment!

  • 4) Rachel’s English Trifle


    The Thanksgiving episodes are some of the best in FRIENDS. But this one took the cake. The episode was chaotic and hilarious, and Rachel messed up the trifle because the pages of the cookbook got stuck together. And of course, we got some of the best lines in the show’s history including, “I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!”

  • 5) Unagi Dojo


    Ross teaching Pheobe and Rachel how to anticipate danger with Unagi is one of the more memorable moments. Especially when they get Ross back at the end and scare the crap out of him.

  • 6) The Holiday Armadillo


    Every year I laugh at this, especially when it comes up during the Holidays. Ross wanted to teach his son Ben about Hannukah, but Ben had already met Santa Clause and was more concerned about Santa. So Ross decided to find a costume to teach him about Hannukah and thus the Holiday Armadillo was born.

  • 7) Monica Turkey Head


    Another wonderful call back to the Thanksgiving episodes, and one of my favorite Monica and Chandler moments. Monica is trying to cheer Chandler up because he hates Thanksgiving and she puts her head in a turkey, throws sunglasses on it, and a little fez. It prompts Chandler to tell Monica he loves her for the first time.

  • 8) The Geller Cup


    I’d say I’m sorry for all the Thanksgiving episodes, but like I said, they are some of the best episodes. This one is from the Thanksgiving episode where the gang played flag football and competed for the Geller Cup. So it was Geller against Geller, brother against sister, and it was magical.

  • 9) It’s A Moo Point


    I will never not laugh at this one. It’s such a dumb line, but Joey saying “it’s like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo,” and Rachel acknowledging that it kind of makes sense is hilarious.

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  • 10) Oh. My. God.


    Janice was such a fun character. Annoying nasally voice, sure but still very iconic and during my rewatches I don’t actually hate her.

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  • 11) Joey Doesn’t Share Food


    The number of times I’ve used this because someone takes my food is too many to count. But it was another awesome scene from the show, and I love that for this tee they used Matt LeBlanc’s likeness! 

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  • 12) How You Doin’


    Okay, of course, we were going to include this iconic Joey line. My favorite time they did this line was when Joey had an actor friend who was impersonating him. The best part was it was an actor who actually had auditioned for the role of Joey Tribbani, but the role ultimately went to Matthew LeBlanc.

  • 13) Pivot


    You knew it was coming! I love this scene, but I love the blooper scene more because none of the actors can keep it together. 

  • 14) Yellow Door Frame


    Who would have thought that this simple yellow photo frame would be a symbol of a generation for people? I don’t think the showrunners did, but it’s honestly very cool. And yes, the scene I chose for this one is the last time we see the yellow frame in the final episode of the show. 

  • 15) I’ll Be There For You


    As if you weren’t already in your feels because of this show I’m going to leave you on a high note with the theme song and opening of the show. 

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