Keep Daylight Saving Time Permanent?

Well, we just changed all the clocks. Tired of it? President Trump and others have said "let's make it permanent". What do you think? Comment on our Facebook page.     (Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images)

Keith Says Nicole Is A Maniac In Bed...No Really

Keith Urban is spilling the beans about his wife's sexual nature. In his song Gemini, Urban sings "She's a maniac in bed/but a brainiac in her head". During a recent interview, Urban admitted the lyrics were about Kidman. He said "The song is about Nicole and she loves it". What do you think ladies? Would…

Why This Duke vs. Carolina Game Will Be different.

Even though Zion will not be playing Saturday night int he Duke vs Carolina rematch, the outcome could be very different from the last game. I'm not predicting a Duke win, but I will say that losing Zion in the first game, really set the Blue Devils back on their "heels" if you will. This…

Are You An Emotional Vampire?

6 Signs Your Friend (or You) Is an Emotional Vampire What is an emotional vampire? It is someone who drains you after you have spent time with them. Signs your friend (or you) might be an emotional vampire. The require all of the attention. Conversations are one-sided, to their side. They are ALWAYS in the…