Human Interest

My First Time Frying!

My wife Kelly got me a deep frying machine for Christmas! This is my first time using it!  Fried breading btw!  It was pretty good! The finished product!!

Sarah's Fitness Journey: A New Year, A New Sarah

The dreaded new year resolution! Oh how we love them and hate them! A new year brings with it a clean slate and hope that we can accomplish our goals. Then reality sets in and we throw in the towel by week three! This year, I'm asking you to keep me accountable!

Local Man in Eastover Just Won $10,000,000? YEP!!!

Embed from Getty Images Demetrius Underwood stopped off to  grab an orange flavored sports drink and wound up with a lot of green as well!  Demetrius claimed the prize from the Colossal Cash.  He won $10,000.000 and decided to take the lump sum and after Uncle Sam got his share Demetrius and his wife pocketed…

Groceries Delivered Via Robot Driver?

A grocery store chain in Arizona is rolling out their first "human free" delivery service. Is this something you would use?  I know I would...there would never be that.."how much do I tip this robot" thing.  More info on this game changer is AVAILABLE HERE. Embed from Getty Images

The Hottest Toy This Christmas is a What?

I remember when Cabbage Patch Dolls were all the rage back in the day! Then we mustn't forget the uproar about "Tickle Me Elmo." I'm still a child at heart...but I'm not feeling this hot new toy for Christmas.   Poopsie the Slime Surprise Unicorn is the latest must have toy this Christmas.  Okay...I'll admit anything…