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Uh oh! Is there trouble in paradise for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively?

Recently, fans noticed something unusual about Blake’s Instagram account.

She unfollowed her husband!

How rude, right?

Not so fast.

One Country looked into this some more, and quickly realized that Blake was only following people named Emily Nelson.

The move was decided by her team to promote her new movie, “A Simple Favor.”

Reynolds, being the funny guy that he is, reacted to his wife unfollowing him by saying he was very sad about it and that it was a terrible way to find out he had been kicked out of their home. He was joking, of course!

We’re sure Lively will follow her husband again on Instagram in the very near future.


So, today Blake Lively unfollowed husband Ryan Reynolds on Insta ???? How did Ryan take the news? Deadpool Movie 20th Century Fox

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