Sarah's Father's Day Wish

Every year when Father's Day and Mother's Day roll around, I start to sweat! There is no way I can encapsulate in one small gift or gesture just how much I appreciate and love my parents! So this Father's Day, I'll let the music speak for me.

Zombie Snake.....Look Out

Park and recs officials in North Carolina are warning folks to be on the lookout for a "zombie snake", meaning a snake that defends itself by pretending to play dead...until you get too close! while this type of snake - a hognose - isn't poisonous, they do like to also pretend to be a cobra…

Have You Cancelled Your HBO Subscription Yet?

Game of Thrones Fans Anxious to Cancel HBO Subscriptions After HBO's hit series Game of Thrones came to an end last night, fans are allegedly anxious to cancel their subscription to HBO. The cable service has been experiencing a mass exodus of subscribers since the end of the show last night, and that petition asking…