The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

Weekdays 6:00am-10am


About Don Chase:

For Don Chase, 3am is the best time of the day.  Weird, right? Yes it’s true.  I’m that guy who loves loves loves sardines for breakfast (almost every morning) I failed the Certs test. Yes it’s true.  My brain communicates with the snack machine to let me know that fresh honey buns have arrived.  By the way, microwave for 10 seconds.  Thank me later. If I am found dead, that might be a Krispy Kreme doughnut in my hand. Very happily married for over 24 years and can you believe to the same woman? I cannot sleep without the sound of ocean waves nearby. After over 27 years with the BIG 957, I truly believe that the best is yet to come.  Thanks to you, I am very blessed to be living out my dreams on the air on The BIG 95.7 WKML.

About Sarah:

Sarah is THE trivia master of the BIG 957 WKML studio! Any random information you need, she is your reliable source! Play “Can’t Beat Sarah” twice every morning at 6:10 and 8:10. Sarah always chooses comfort over anything. You can usually find her in the comfort of a New England Patriots hoodie and converse shoes drinking 3 cups of coffee. She keeps it real, honest, and open often explaining the ups and downs of life. Outdoorsy and nature-driven, Sarah enjoys hiking with her German Shepherd, Mila, going for long scenic drives, and catching a concert or local sports game. Sarah also enjoys cooking healthy meals, wine, exercising, Harry Potter movie marathons, singing loudly in her car, and eating way too much pizza. Family, friends, and faith always come first.

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