Country News

Thomas Rhett is looking to expand his family.

Rhett and his wife Lauren already have two toddlers that they take on the road and travel with and Thomas admits it can be tough sometimes, “These last few months have been insane and with your kids, I feel like to travel with your kids and still know that you’re waking up at six and also playing a show that night so in that aspect I’m going, ‘I love my two kids and I’m kind of content.'”

With that knowledge, Rhett says he looks down the road and isn’t too sure he wants to stop his family at two. He explains, “If we stopped having kids right now I know I would wake up at 45 and go, ‘We should have had five more,’ because I really do want to sit at a Thanksgiving table with a gigantic family.”

He continues, “So, as scary as it is may be welcoming a new kid into our lives… they say that a lot of people say after two, there is just like, make it happen. I’m just going to embrace it and know that we can accomplish anything ’cause there is nothing more fun than being around my children and I can only imagine it gets more fun the more you have.”

Rhett’s new Center Point Road album is released in a few weeks (5/31).

-Nancy Brooks