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Thomas Rhett’s two young daughters, Willa, 4 and Ada, 2, love music, which is no surprise, as the girls are surrounded by it all the time and even travel with their father on the road sometimes.

Thomas says, “Anytime I get a guitar out, like, I can’t keep it in tune because they just want to turn the knobs and play the strings. And Willa Gray has a little baby piano that she plays a lot out of key. And they both sing a ton, and they remember the words to my songs at such a young age.”

Even if neither of his daughters decide they want to live their life in the spotlight or on a stage, Rhett is convinced they’ll end up with a career related to that. He says, “I think when you’re around it as much as they’re around music, like I think they’re gonna grow up to do something. They may not be a musician, but I think they would love to be in and around the entertainment business in some fashion.”

For now, Thomas and his family are anxiously awaiting the birth of his third daughter, who is due on February 3rd.