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Luke Bryan recently injured his hand in a grisly fishing accident and he shared the pictures of the hook in his hand on social media. Now, Luke explains the incident to Jimmy Kimmel.

As Bryan told Kimmel he has a lake on his property outside of Nashville and he keeps it stocked with bass, and he also stocks it with trout for the bass to eat. So he invited his friend and guitar tech, Russ, out to the house to go bass fishing, and he said, “I accidentally caught a trout.”

Luke ended up with two hooks embedded in his hand including one to the bone and he even sought medical attention. He shared, “My first thought was, ‘I’ve ruined Russ’s fishing trip and might lose an employee over this, but the situation actually turned out far better than it might have.”

After the fishing hooks were removed from Luke’s hand, he and his buddy casually returned to fishing. He didn’t even need a bandage.

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