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Dustin Lynch and his girlfriend, actress, and model Kelli Seymour broke up not long ago. The breakup inspired some songs on his Blue In The Sky album, but it has also left him lonely.

Dustin recently told Taste of Country about the current state of his love life, “Man, I wish I could say I have good news and say I’m off the market, but I don’t. I’m lonely!” Lynch admitted that he really hasn’t been trying too hard to find a new girlfriend. He noted that he’s not one for dating apps, and when he’s off the road, he spends most of his time recharging at home. He said, “I’m terrible at knowing how to meet people right now because when I come off the road, I just need to veg and chill and recluse.” He did mention that he’s “a sucker for brunettes with light eyes.”

Dustin told People recently of the breakup, “It was one of those ‘we didn’t survive quarantine’ relationships.” He added that things ended on a beach, “I learned so much about myself and what I want out of life and what I want out of my future partner. There’s no regret, but I think I found a lot of clarity after that happened, and we started recording this album.”

Lynch was hoping to stay in touch with Kelli, but it did not work out. He said, “I wanted to be friends, but it takes two to tango, so that didn’t pan out for me. We had hours and hours of conversations, to which I thought, ‘Hey, I’m here for you; I’ll support you,’ and I still am. It was just a clean break, which I think in hindsight is probably the best thing for us.”

Dustin recently got a 2022 American Music Award nomination for his duet “Thinking ‘Bout You” with MacKenzie Porter. It is the first AMA nomination of his career.

Lynch said in a press release after his nod, “Wow, it’s just so amazing what incredible milestones’ Thinking ‘Bout You has accomplished as a song. This honor, plus the fact that the AMAs are fan-voted, really means a lot to me and MacKenzie [Porter]. A big thank you to the AMAs for my first nomination.” He added, “We’re in some great company, artists that we both really admire, and we can’t wait to celebrate Country music with y’all this year!”

GALLERY: Dustin Lynch - Tennessee Boy In Country Music

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