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Scotty McCreery recently shared some details about his son Avery’s birth and revealed that he almost didn’t make it to watch the birth.

Scotty told People about his son’s early arrival, “It was kind of crazy. I was a few hours away when I got the call that Gabi was in labor. We were still two weeks early at the time, and she just knew she was going to be late. We’re building a place in the mountains, and I had to go bring some stuff up there to get ready for the house. I was there for one night, and I was coming back in the morning. We both agreed to drop everything off and come right back. Of course, it was to happen right then.”

He continued, “She called me, and she said, ‘Hey, I think it’s happening.’ I was like, ‘Oh my word…’ I got on my way home on Interstate 40 [in North Carolina]. I put the flashers on and drove about as fast as my truck could go, and luckily got back just in time, and we went to the hospital. It was pretty wild!”

The first-time dad also shared his reaction to seeing his baby boy for the first time, “It was a lot of emotions. Pride and love, for sure. It was just instant, unconditional love. I’ve never felt a love like that, never knew a love like that could exist, and at the same time was just so proud of Gabi and all the hard work she did during this time. She was so awesome through the nine months of pregnancy and the delivery; she’s a champ.”

Scotty also gushed about his wife Gabi, a pediatric nurse, as a mom. He said, “She’s amazing. I mean, she’s really a natural nurturer. Even when Avery is fussy and nothing in the world can calm him down, she’s still so patient with him. I think she was born to be a mom. There’s only so much I can do because I can’t feed him; we’re still figuring out what works for us, but we’re getting there. It’s not easy, but everybody’s hanging in there. We’re learning, and we don’t have it down pat yet, but every day it’s getting a little better, for sure.”

He added, “Just watching Gabi be a mom makes me love her even more. He’s our little miracle.”

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