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Luke Combs gave an update on his son Tex yesterday afternoon (2/22) when we interviewed him for his upcoming Growin’ Old album, which will be out on March 24.

Luke told us of his baby boy, “Tex is doing great; he’s eight months old, so he’s just really getting his personality kinda shining through, and he’s having a good time and smiling and laughing and getting ready to crawl. We don’t have any help at home (with the baby), so it’s just me and her (his wife Nicole) raising the little man. So shout out to her for really bearing the brunt of that. It’s just been amazing, you know, being parents; it’s just so great.”

Combs did say that there are a couple of songs on the new album that reflect the birth of the couple’s baby. He said, “There are probably two songs that reflect Tex coming along and my wife really being heavily pregnant. That really was just the tale end of any writing that would have happened for this album. That really hasn’t even set in all the way yet in the songwriting process. There are two songs that do have that in there, that being ‘You Found Yours,’ which was written before Tex was born, and then ‘Take You With Me,’ which was written maybe two months after he was born.” He added, “So there are a lot of dad songs to still be written”

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The one thing baby Tex has done for Luke and his wife has given them an appreciation for their parents. He explained, “Me and my wife talk about it all the time; you just didn’t realize how much they did for you until you do it for somebody else. I mean me, and Nicole were both really lucky to have great parents; both of our parents are still married and have been for thirty-plus years.”

Combs added, “You just don’t even realize how much work it is. I am only eight months in, and I can’t even… I mean, it’s a whole newfound respect for what they did for you and the amount of sacrifices they made and the work that they did and the money they didn’t spend on themselves to make sure that you got what you needed, and yeah, it’s crazy.” And yes, Tex’s grandparents are over the moon about the new addition. Luke offered, “It’s their first one; both sets of parents, it’s their first grandbaby, so they are very, very excited.”

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