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Sam Hunt’s daughter Lucy Lu is nearing nine months old and becoming well aware of her father’s presence, which makes him over the moon with joy.

Sam told us earlier this month about Lucy Lu, “She started to perk up and really show interest in me just a few months ago. It seems to be growing, especially if she’s fed and napped. If she is happy, she really loves me.” Hunt adds that her loving dad doesn’t always make it easy for his wife. He explained, “I love it, but Hannah, not so much that she’s really focusing in on me, and she’s trying to nurse when I am in the room; she just wants to look over her shoulder the whole time, and she doesn’t want to eat. I have to leave the room a lot of times when she wants me to be quiet. I can’t play guitar in the other room or stomp around because she’s becoming more aware of me.”

Sam even notices that when he has to give the baby girl to someone else for care, Lucy wants to stay with dad. He recalled, “I went to hand her off to the babysitter the other day, and she grabbed onto my shirt to hang on, and that was a special little moment. I think she is becoming more and more aware of dad.”

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Hunt recently released a new song called “Walmart.” Hunt and co-writers Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne write about how life has a way of working out. Sam transports the listener to a small-town run-in with an ex’s mother.

The song’s chorus includes the lyrics, “I saw your mama at Walmart with your little girl / She had your eyes and your smile, she had your nose and your lips / Somewhere in our little small-town, small talk girl / Lost in the grocery aisle, holding a bag of some chips / I realize that everything happens for a reason / Losing your love ain’t the end of the world / I saw your mama at Walmart with your little girl / Your little girl, your little girl.”

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