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Lainey Wilson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week and sang a little bit of the first song she wrote when she was nine. Kelly asked Lainey if she remembered the first song she ever wrote, and Wilson said, “I do; mine’s called ‘Lucky Me.'”

Clarkson said her first song was called “Baby Blue Eyes,” and she admitted it was about a boy, and Lainey said, “Mine was too. I wrote mine at a sleepover, nine years old, and she (her young friend) went to one room, and I wrote another; she was like, ‘Let’s write a song and come back and share it with each other.'” Wilson continued, “It ain’t real good, but I’m gonna sing it for ya.” She then sings, “Lucky me, I feel free, and I can’t deny that he loves me, which I know that he does, so he’s the one. Lucky me oh, I said, oh, I’m the one for him, and he’s the one for me, baby.”

Kelly and the crowd were quite impressed with her writing skills so young. Before she sang the tune, Lainey said after Clarkson asked about her acting on TV’s Yellowstone, “Songwriting has always been my number one.” She spoke of her acting debut, “When the opportunity came up, I was like, ‘This is gonna be a way for me to share my music with the world, and right I’m gonna take it. Let’s do it.'” Wilson added taking the part was not easy, but sometimes you have to “Step outside of that comfort zone and do things that are scary.”

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Clarkson then asked about Lainey’s encounter with a fan at a recent New York City show. Adding that when she heard the story, she knew they could be friends. Wilson said, “I feel like I’m starting to be in a position where I can give back and help people, and it feels really nice. We were in New York City, and I was playing; I’m on my very first headlining tour right now, and I see this sign, and I’ve got terrible vision, so I’m trying to squint and see what it says, and it says, ‘Sign my forehead.’ And I’m like, ‘Absolutely, you better come over here. I’m gonna sign your forehead.'”

She continued, “And when she gets closer, I realize a week prior, this little girl had put up a TikTok about people making fun of the way she dressed like me at school.” Kelly says, “You look like you straight up out of Fleetwood Mac. I love that look.” Lainey replied, “Yeah, and it scares some people, and this little girl, it did not scare her, so when I realized that was her, I brought her up on stage, and I had her sign my forehead too.” Clarkson said, “I love that. That’s so cool, and tell her, All those girls making fun of you peak in high school.”

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