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Sarah Weaver

Sarah’s Monday Playlist: Austin Snell, Drew Parker and Josh Ross

Another Monday means another playlist, and the Country music Gods have blessed us with more amazing new music! I'm in my sad-girl era for whatever reason. So I naturally gravitated towards some love and breakup songs this week. Which is really working out great for me... Austin Snell is a young, new artist out of Dublin, GA. He has a lot of dreams and aspirations, but what I love most is his dedication to remaining himself and not letting any of the hype get to him. He has a new album Still Bleeding coming out later in June, but this past weekend he dropped the new song So Can I. As soon as I heard it, I knew I would be obsessed. You may remember Drew Parker was a part of our Stars & Guitars show back in 2021. One of his biggest hits, Forever After All, which he wrote with Luke Combs, he famously performed during our annual acoustic show. Drew has been a friend of WKML for many years and gained popularity as a songwriter in Nashville. And now he is coming to Country radio swinging with what is sure to be a HUGE song for him! Love The Leavin' is just TOO dang good! His gritty and passionate vocals just add an extra layer. And finally rounding out the sad girl playlist we have Josh Ross! But to be fair, at least this one is a more upbeat sad song with tempo! On A Different Night paints the picture of a guy having trouble moving on and going out with his friends while he's missing an ex. I enjoy a lot of Josh's music - he's just a really excellent songwriter. And his vocals have that perfect raspy factor. This makes my sad girl era not so sad!

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