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Avoiding bad gifts is tough sometimes. But these tips should help.

Holiday shopping season is in full swing, with nearly everyone searching for the perfect gift to give their better half. And while their intentions may be pure, sometimes people in relationships can really miss the mark when it comes to gift-giving. Let’s take a look at the five worst gifts to give your boo thang for the holidays.

It can not be overstated how important it is to get the right kind of gift for your special someone. According to a consumer survey on Statista, many agreed that the person they’d be most disappointed to receive a crappy Christmas gift from is their romantic partner.

Believe me, I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to shop for your significant other. My girlfriend is absolutely amazing at finding perfect gifts for me every Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.. I, on the other hand, can’t ever seem to find anything that I think she would love. And I’m not crafty enough to make something myself, which can make the whole process a frustrating endeavor.

If you’re like me and often find yourself stumped about what you should get your partner, at the very least it may help to know what gifts you absolutely should not get them.

These horrid gift ideas can range from low-effort, to impractical, to outright offensive. All of these entries come from my own personal experience, either through witnessing someone gift their own spouse these duds, or giving them to my own past girlfriends.

Through extensive trial-and-error, I have narrowed it down to five hilariously bad gifts to give your partner. This is also coming from a predominantly male perspective since, statistically speaking, women tend to be better gift-givers on average. But these ideas can apply across the spectrum. Because at the end of the day, nobody likes to get a bad gift from the person they love most.

Let’s take a look at a few no-no worst gifts for the holiday season!

  • Novelty or Gag Gifts


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    These kind of gifts are fine if you’re playing a game of White Elephant with the family, but that’s it. I promise your partner won’t find a Homer Simpson backscratcher as funny as you do. Basically, if you find yourself shopping at a Spencer’s store for your SO, turn around and leave.

  • Scented Candles


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    I’m sure Yankee Candle appreciates your continued patronage. But unless you’re a teenager doing some Mother’s Day shopping with your first ever paycheck, you should never use candles as a holiday gift. Especially not for your better half.

  • Gift Cards


    Nothing says “low effort” like getting your significant other a gift card for the holidays. You’re basically admitting defeat and putting the onus on them to do all their own holiday shopping. Gift cards are a fine gift for friends or relatives, but for the person you should know better than anyone else, it comes off as cold and impersonal.

  • Exercise Equipment


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    Unless your partner actively expresses, under no uncertain terms, that they definitely want workout equipment for the holidays, DO NOT gift them any fitness stuff. While well-intentioned, this gift idea can come across as insulting and could spark your partner’s insecurity with how you perceive them. They’ll get swole if and when they feel ready, so don’t push the issue.

  • Cleaning Appliances


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    Let’s face it, this is pretty much exclusively a male problem. Fellas, never, ever, EVER, get your partner a cleaning appliance. No vacuums, no scrubbers, and definitely no washing machines. If your spouse finds out you shelled out perfectly good jewelry money on a Maytag High Efficiency Impeller Top-Load Washer, I’m pretty sure they’re legally allowed to dropkick you in the nards.

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