Grass stained jeans and overalls can be yours this Christmas, as Gucci now has them for sale for just $769 and $1,400.

As we used to say down South, mama would have a hissy fit. There are now pants for sale from Gucci, that already have grass stains.

This story took me back a few years and brought back great memories of Dad finally making it home after a long day at work.  It was common for him to get dirt stains on his work clothes.  But, if he came in with grass stains, Mom would take one look, take a deep breath and then order him to “get those dirty clothes off and in the wash.”  She then would do her magic in order to remove the grass stains.

Fast forward to 2020, and just in time for Christmas, a company is now “selling” denim with the grass stains already in the fabric.  I am not pulling your leg. Gucci has released the “eco washed organic denim overall” and “Eco washed organic denim pant” for your holiday shopping joy.