WKML Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

Chase Rice gave us hit after hit during his Mini Concert, with Lonely If You Are, Ready Set Roll, and Eyes On You.  We just couldn’t pick a favorite, could you?!

He’s been staying positive during these difficult times, spending time with a small group of friends staying with him, and he let us know that he has new music on the way!

Chase has been trying to make the best of his time at home. “I hope you all are doing well during these crazy times we’re in, but we’re all in this thing together, so make sure you keep your heads up and we’re gonna get out of it together as well. ”


Chase released his new album a few months ago and Part 2 is on the way! “I love putting out music like that because these days, I feel like people aren’t listening to albums as much. But when you put it out in smaller pieces, it allows each song to be able to get its own time.”


Ready Set Roll was his first single released and made it to number 5 on the charts.”I had no idea what I was doing at this time. I was just put on music to put out music. And this one actually worked”


This Mini Concert performance made Chase excited to be back on the road and share new music! “I know I’ve had a blast and this is going to make me really eager, once we can get back to tour and I’m excited about it, I can’t wait to get me new music out there.”