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Fleetwood Mac: Thank You For Such Great Music

So let me ask, what do you like to do in your spare time? What hobbies do you prefer? Where do you prefer to surf on the internet or which apps do you click? A couple days ago I found myself with a few hours of free! time and I took the opportunity to catch up on my music and entertainment news from the last couple of weeks. One story really caught my attention when it hinted around about the possible end of the road for one of the greatest Rock groups of all time. If you took me back to my Bladenboro High School days of the mid to late 1970s and said Donald, you only get to choose one Rock album from that time period and you must listen to at least one song from that album every day for the rest of your life. Would I agree to that challenge? You bet. Now comes the hard part. I must give credit where it is due and brag on the artists and the groups the created the musical soundtrack for a special time in my life. In my humble opinion, the music was beyond awesome. Now, back to the task at hand. Choose one album. I was and still am a huge Boston fan. The "Saturday Night Fever" movie soundtrack has to be considered. Then, there's The Eagles "Hotel California," Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon." Billy Joel's "52nd Street" comes to mind along with Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall." I actually could name a bunch more, but if I were forced to choose one album from the 1970's, I probably would pick "Rumours" from Fleetwood Mac. Not only was it an awesome project in 1977 that produced a ton of great music. Earlier, I mentioned that it might be the end for one of the most popular rock groups of all time. Both Stevie Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood said how can Fleetwood Mac continue without Christine. Christine was magnificent with her songwriting ability, playing the Hammond organ and incredible vocals on almost every Fleetwood Mac song. Sadly, Christine passed away last November. If I may, please allow me to take you back to the seventies and eighties with just a few of Fleetwood Mac's biggest songs. It is my pleasure to share the playlist below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. If you would like to read more, click here for the Rolling Stone interview with Mick Fleetwood. For the interview with Stevie Nicks, click here.

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