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Happy Monday!

Megan Moroney just dropped her album Lucky, and the entire album is a smash! I chose Why Johnny as part of my playlist because I’m a sucker for sad songs and if there’s one thing Megan knows how to do it’s sing a sad song.

Miranda Lambert’s album Palomino is still in a heavy rotation in my car. This song is just fun. I love the characters Miranda builds in her lyrics. Plus, there’s something really fun about singing the line “best beef in the cheese state, baby”

I’ll be completely honest with you as I always am, I had no idea who Troy Cartwright was. His song Wild One showed up on a random playlist shuffle I stumbled upon, and it stood out enough to grab my attention. I hope you give it a listen!

  • Megan Moroney - Why Johnny

  • Miranda Lambert - Country Money

  • Troy Cartwright - Wild One