The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Let me ask, when you were a kid, what games did you and your parents or brothers and sisters or nieces and nephews play while you traveling down the highway headed for vacation? Were you counting the license tags from other states? Were you counting the number of cars of a certain color? Did you ever think to count the number of truck drivers on the road? I am sorry to admit that I don’t think I ever played that game either.

This week though, we are saluting truck drivers during National Truck Drivers week. In my humble opinion, if truck drivers stop trucking, this nation shuts down.

Now, who doesn’t love discounts? Companies like TA, Loves, Sheetz, Convoy, Pilot, RaceTrac and others are offering a ton of discounts for truck drivers this week. Just click here for all of the information.

If you want to see some unbelievable statistics about the profession of truck driving, click this link.

It’s amazing how many truckers there are in the United States alone, how many tons of freight they transport annually and how the industry is expected to grow in the years to come.

Also, why not consider a career in truck driving? In a short period of time, a number of local colleges can train and certify you to enter this lucrative career. A few of those colleges are Fayetteville Technical Community College, Robeson Community College and Bladen Community College.

In our opening paragraph. I asked about the games you played as a kid and specifically games that we played to pass the time away while going on vacation with our family. It’s so much fun to look back right? Let me say that it was so much fun putting together my list of 5 favorite songs to honor the awesome truck driver.

Below, you will find that list of 5 songs. Song number one is from the great Country group Alabama followed by C.W. McCall, Dave Dudley, Cledus Maggard and the Citizen’s Band and a Jerry Reed song you might remember from the movie “Smokey and the Bandit.”

I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together. To those that do spend their lives behind the wheel, thank you so much.

As I said earlier, in my opinion, if the truck driver stops trucking, the country shuts down.

Be safe and roll on partner. A big 10-4 on that.

  • Alabama "Roll On 18 Wheeler"

    Let’s start our playlist with an all-time favorite from one of, if not the most successful Country music group ever. So, for those that kiss mama or daddy goodbye and climb behind the wheel, this is for you. From their hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama and from their 1984 album “Roll On,” enjoy Alabama “Roll On 18 Wheeler.”

  • C.W. McCall "Convoy"

    “Convoy” holds a special place in the history of music as the song hit number one on both the Pop music and the Country music charts. “Convoy” took over the radio airwaves in 1975 and quickly began climbing the charts. It would go on to win the CMA award for Single of the Year. Three years later in 1978, “Convoy” inspired a movie by the same name. Check out C.W. McCall using a microphone and a CB radio to record this classic Country song.

  • Dave Dudley "Six Days On the Road"

    If I mention the song “Six Days On the Road,” does the band Sawyer Brown come to mind? In 1997, “Six Days On the Road” was a Top 20 Country hit for Sawyer Brown. Now, many may not know that the song was originally recorded in 1961. But, it didn’t become a hit song until it was recorded by Dave Dudley in 1963. Enjoy this truck-driving favorite by Dave Dudley.

  • Cledus Maggard & the Citizens Band "The White Knight"

    Let me get my dust rag out for this next tune. I am going to take you back to 1975 for a popular novelty song and a song that we call a one-hit-wonder. Back in the day when the CB radio was king, those behind the wheel looked out for one another. Take a listen and enjoy the story with Cledus Maggard & the Citizens Band, the Smokey’s and “The White Knight.”

  • Jerry Reed "East Bound and Down"

    If we had a time machine, I would love to take you back to the 1970’s for the music, the movies and thanks to one particular film “Smokey and the Bandit,” the Trans Am, one of the most popular cars at the time. If this one doesn’t get your toes to tapping, you might want to see a doctor. Enjoy Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down.”

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